9781780990439 Whole Elephant Revealed, The from Axis Mundi Books
Whole Elephant Revealed, The

Whole Elephant Revealed, The

Insight into the universal laws.

Whole Elephant Revealed, The

Insight into the universal laws.

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May 25, 2012

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May 25, 2012

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Marja de Vries
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Body, mind & spirit (general), New thought


This book offers a clear and well-founded insight into the universal laws and golden ratio as the underlying principles of the dynamic harmony and balance of the universe. Clearly written, it is based on the common insights of all wisdom traditions as well as on cutting-edge scientific discoveries that are in line with those insights. This synthesis reveals a whole new and coherent worldview, which helps to understand how everything works in the universe, who we really are and what our potential is. Everything that is in line with these universal laws takes less effort, is in tune with who we really are and is in harmony with the greater whole. Therefore it gives us an understanding of what is needed to restore personal and global balance. These principles are called universal because they work on all levels of existence and apply to all aspects of our personal and social life. Therefore, they can be used as a frame of reference for all personal and social transformations towards human flourishing within a more balanced, equitable, sustainable and peaceful world.

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