Spirit of Water, The

Spirit of Water, The

Spirit of Water, The

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Nov 23, 2007

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Lawrence Ellyard
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The Spirit of Water introduces the world of Hado, the universal law of vibration and resonance. Following the international success of Masaru Emotos books, Lawrence Ellyard now explains, with help of 45 stunningly impressive photographs of ice crystals, how to use our mind and awareness to apply Hado principles to improve our daily lives and the world around us. The book covers every aspect of water from its worldwide use and current problems of pollution and supply, down to the microcosmic world of its hexagonal structure. It looks at its healing properties, health imbalances, its use in food and diet, and features a series of practices and meditations on how to use the principles of Hado in daily life. It includes 45 full colour ice crystal photographs and previously unpublished scientific double-blind results on the affects of consciousness on water.

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