9781846941580 Little Book of Spirit Readings, The from 6th Books
Little Book of Spirit Readings, The

Little Book of Spirit Readings, The

Little Book of Spirit Readings, The

Paperback £9.99 || $19.95

Oct 31, 2008

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Collette Star
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Inspiration & personal growth, Parapsychology (general)


Do ghosts really exist? Is death the end? Or is there an afterlife? This very readable book of sometimes hilarious, upsetting and sometimes poignant but convincing anecdotes from Collette Stars life as a professional medium. Life and consciousness really can exist at higher octaves, even though most of us are unaware of these realities. A Little Book of Spirit Readings offers comfort to those who may be feeling bereft by the loss of loved ones. Its message is one of reassurance, hope and comfort to realise that those who have passed on retain their very human traits and quirks as well as their love and concern for those still here on earth. Collette Star is a renowned Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Counsellor, Healer & Reiki Master with a pure connection and approach to the other realms. She has been recognised for her work with homeless charities.

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