9781846946844 Benevolent Virus, A from 6th Books
Benevolent Virus, A

Benevolent Virus, A

How do you live once you know what its like to die?

Benevolent Virus, A

How do you live once you know what its like to die?

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Dec 10, 2010

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Frances O'Brien
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Near-death experience, Paranormal


What happens when we die? And what happens to those of us who are propelled into the strange reality of a near death experience? How do we re-integrate into the world when our understanding of reality has been turned upside-down? A Benevolent Virus follows the intertwining stories of two NDE survivors who struggle to make sense of their lives in the wake of an NDE. Ann Richards, a successful television reporter is faced with the breakdown of her marriage and her career as she struggles to get to the truth of her experience. Daniel Breton, an ex-Marine who was near-fatally injured in Fallujah, tries to find meaning in his NDE by recording the stories of others who have had similar experiences. Both Ann and Daniel are set on a spiritual adventure that forces them each to explore ideas of consciousness and the quantum universe that challenge their old worldview.

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