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Art of Being Psychic

Art of Being Psychic

The power to free the artist within.

Art of Being Psychic

The power to free the artist within.

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Apr 13, 2006

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June-Elleni Laine
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Art (general), Parapsychology (general)


Psychic ability still remains a bit of a mystery to most, and yet we all have the potential to tap into the under-utilized areas of the brain in order to gain access to a world of creativity. Contacting the "creative source" and thinking outside the box of our own limitations in the style of artists as diverse as Da Vinci and Mozart up to Einstein and George Lucas of today, doesnt come easily. However, with the right tools, and a clear sense of purpose, we can develop our ability, learning to enter altered states at will, to produce art that exceeds our normal expectations. This book shares the enjoyment of psychic art and removes the "Myst" from "Mystic", leaving the "I.C." moments. It offers a new perspective on self-awareness that has the power to liberate the artist within us all. Balancing intuition and logic, right and left-brain thinking, mind, body and spirit, will inevitably strengthen our connection to a source capable of producing much more than anything we already know.

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