Mary Hykel Hunt

Mary Hykel Hunt

Based in rural Devon, Mary Hykel Hunt is a Personal and Professional Development Consultant with a difference. A life-long intuitive, academic researcher in the field of human consciousness and a professionally qualified business coach, she combines cutting-edge psychological approaches with intuitive techniques to produce personal and professional development programmes and consultation/coaching sessions that are unique, effective and productive.

"Too often, we 'live out of the attic of our minds', says Mary, quoting 'geologian' Jean Houston. "We settle for a life that's less than it could be. My mission is to help people live more successful and fulfilling lives by tapping into resources they don't know they have."

A writer and regular broadcaster on BBC Radio, Mary runs an annual programme of courses and workshops designed for the individual interested in personal and spiritual growth.

2011 sees the emergence of these courses in book form, beginning with her first title with O Books, 'Learning from the Future.'

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