June-Elleni Laine

June-Elleni Laine

Born in the north of England but made her home in London over 30 years ago. June-Elleni's career started as a fashion designer where she worked in London successfully for over 20 years, creating her own business supplying most of the high street stores with tasteful fashion dresses and coordinates.

She left the fashion business to study Ayurvedic medicine and follow her spiritual calling in 1999. With a keen interest in science and well-being, June-Elleni used her designer background to marry practicality and spirituality in a creative mix, teaching self-empowerment by balancing the often too logical side of the mind with creativity. She has written 2 books 'The Art Of Being Psychic' & 'Mandala The Art Of Creating Future', available on Amazon which both show how art and extra sensory perception can enhance living.

She now focuses on writing heartfelt books that attempt to bring spirituality into the main stream, and her latest offering is a filmic-style memoir, written with a Survivor of the 7/7 London Bombings, Garri Holness portraying his ordeal and amazing Spiritual Wake Up Call when he lost his leg in the terrorist attack. 'Surviving 7/7 London Bombings & Beyond' published December 2015.

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