Betsy Balega

Betsy Balega

Betsy Balega is a 4th generation natural clairvoyant. She sees visions of the future when speaking with someone, whether in person, on the phone or via SKYPE.

After immigrating to Canada in the 1980s, she continued to develop her abilities, with Revs. Bernice Kerr, Vera Delworth, and Helen Main at the Britten Memorial Spiritualist Church in Toronto.

In 1990, she was honored to be a guest medium, and gave messages at the Lily Dale Assembly, a spiritualist community founded in 1879.

In 1992, Betsy was consulted by a member of the PMO (Prime Minister's Office) when her sister died under suspicious circumstances.

In 1994, Betsy met with Toronto police at College St. HQ to supply information about the murder of Elizabeth Bain.

In 1999, Betsy collaborated with RCMP Officer Lt. Baker of the Baltimore Md. Office when a crack addict threatened to kill her six year old twins. Within 24 hours the children were removed from the home and placed under the state of Maryland's protection.

In February 2008, Betsy was consulted about the George Katroubis murder.

In March 2008 Betsy was contacted about the mysterious death of Steven Riley, of Boston, who died in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2010 Betsy was contacted by the Conte family, of Toronto, when a family member was murdered.

Betsy has been a frequent guest on radio since 2004.
Most recently she was interviewed on VOCM, St. John's Newfoundland with Claudette Barnes.

Betsy is a regular guest on "X" Zone, Canada's #1 Paranormal Radio program.

In 2011 Betsy has been interviewed by the Daily National, NYC, the Daily Trojan of USC, the Sheaf of the University of Saskatchewan, Fast Forward Calgary, was named author of the month, by Mindi Anderson of Chicago.

Betsy was the weekly guest (Friday afternoons) of Max W. Hackett on WGOW FM 102.5 (with the local Baptist Church as a show sponsor), providing free mini readings for callers. The same year, Betsy was featured on the Victor Barry Show, County Cork, Ireland, the Joe Mazza Show, Woburn, Mass., Nat Radio in Toronto with Hugh and Dennis, WIZM, AM La Salle, Wisc., with Bob Schmidtt, to share her New Year Predictions. She has been interviewed on the Dr. Laurie Show, Cincy Paranormal, the Bishop Long Show and the Being Ron Ash Show.

Betsy was interviewed on the John MacIntire Show, KDKA, Pittsburgh, when she accurately predicted a big upset in the upcoming Pennsylvania election. 2006, Betsy gained a new audience from Quebec, when she was invited to be on the New 940 AM Montreal, with Dino Mazzone, as well as with 940's host, Joe Cannon.

November 2006, saw the debut of her own talk show, Tuning in with Betsy, broadcast online via Blog Talk Radio, in NYC, from her home in Toronto. Betsy is both producer and host of TIWB. She has a worldwide audience which continues to grow with every new episode. Her guests have included Cosmo's Bedside Astrologer, Hazel Dixon-Cooper, Stephanie McWilliams, host of Fun Shui on the HGTV Network, Redbook's Feng Shui columnist, Ellen Whitehurst, actor/producer Stan Livingston (My Three Sons), Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist William "Bill" Dietrich, Rick Tyler, Newt Gingrich's Communications Director, Roger Rappoport, author of Citizen Moore, and Dr. Laurie Nadle, author and host of The Dr. Laurie Show, and other great guests.

On New Year's Day, 2008 Betsy was contacted by, Matt Keller from the CBS affiliate WTKR. She gave predictions for 2008. In September, 2008, Global Television Toronto filmed Betsy at the Pantages Spa to give predictions for the upcoming Canadian election, and to peek into stock market trends/oil prices.

September 2008, Global Television, Toronto, featured Betsy on the 6 PM Newscast to predict gas prices and stock market trends.

The federal election day in Canada, 2008, had CBC News requesting Betsy to SKYPE in with her predictions.

February 2009, CBS Paranormal Radio Network requested her show, Tuning in with Betsy, as content for their website. They also offered her a new show with their paranormal website.

October 25, 2010, Betsy was the psychic featured on CP24 Breakfast to give predictions for the city of Toronto, once a new mayor would be elected that evening. By 8:08 pm, eight minutes after the polls closed, Betsy was accurate again, when Rob Ford beat his opponent by 9% - the exact percentage spread given by Betsy a week earlier on another show.

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