Introducing the people in John Hunt Publishing

There are no full time staff in the business.  There are fifty, mostly scattered around the world, who variously work in reader reports, editing, design, marketing, and publicity. It is a little invidious to pick out some, but amongst those most actively involved, in alphabetical order:

  • Autumn Barlow

    Autumn is a writer and editor based in North West England. She is developing the new imprint, Top Hat Books, to publish historical fiction, and contributes across the list in reports and editing. She writes a monthly column for Cycling Active Magazine, as well as contributing regularly to other fitness publications. She has written fiction for Take A Break, People's Friend, Women's Own and Woman, and been widely published in numerous other magazines like The Big Issue and Writing Magazine. She also writes romance, rather prolifically, under a penname, and blogs at her own site,, twice weekly, about writing and publishing. She lives up in the Lake District, North England.

  • Maria Barry

    Maria runs the PR and the Contacts Database, and is publicist and publisher of several lists. She has been part of the JHP team since 1990s and has seen many changes in publishing over that period. Maria is a reiki master and crystal enthusiast, and loves reading. She lives with her family in deepest France, and hopes to complete her own novel in this lifetime.

  • Leon Conrad

    Leon is the publisher for the new Liberalis imprint on education, and works as editor and proof reader. He is a published poet and author, and has had numerous articles published to do with voice training and material culture. An educationalist, he works as a tutor, trainer and oracy consultant. He studied music as an undergraduate and did an RCA/V&A MA Degree in the History of Design and Material Culture. Leon speaks 5 languages, and lives in London.

  • Stuart Davies

    Stuart has been managing our book design for the last ten years, doing much of it, and sub-contracting some. He has designed many thousands of books, and was Design Editor of County Life magazine for twelve years, and Art Director of Geographical magazine for two years. He used to copy Dutch Old Masters in his spare time, and now paints landscapes. He occasionally paints oil portraits, from photographs. The pictures here of John Hunt and that of Trevor Greenfield are examples. He is available for commissioning portraits at He lives in rural France, and was recently married to one of our US authors.

  • Sarah Dedman

    Sarah is assistant in marketing and publicity, sending out review copies, adding contacts to the website, handling invoices, mailings and all things admin, and has been working out of the Hampshire UK office for the last ten years.

  • Mary Flatt

    Mary has been managing the printing of the titles for as long as we can remember, and assists with marketing. She is a botanist who has worked for various conservation organizations, married with two girls, and lives locally in Hampshire, UK.

  • Barbara Ford-Hammond

    Barbara has published two books, is the publisher on two imprints and chips in with readers reports and inspiration. She has been running her own hypnotherapy practice and training school for twenty years. She works with an international clientele as a therapist, coach and healer. Her time is split between the UK and the Greek Island of Lesvos where she hosts writing and healing retreats. She will, however, go where the wind takes her.

  • Trevor Greenfield

    Trevor runs the business, and is also publisher and publicist on Moon Books. He has MA degrees in Religious Studies and English Literature from the Universities of Sussex and Southampton. He is a published author (“An Introduction to Radical Theology”) and teaches Religious Studies for the Open University. He lives in West Sussex.

  • Catherine Harris

    Catherine manages the trade sales worldwide. She read physics at Oxford University, started out researching ceramics for thermal imaging devices, and after working on silicon chips and teaching maths, she arrived here with her school careers teacher’s word ringing in her ears, “you should work with books or farm animals”. She is another long-timer with the business who knows the wrinkles of publishing.

  • John Hunt

    John works mainly on the editorial side. He drifted into publishing after getting a scholarship to Oxford University and a Double First degree in English, back in the mid 1970s. Having worked for publishers large and small, he started John Hunt Publishing Ltd as a co-edition (packaging color books) publisher in 1989, and over the last decade it has been reinventing itself as a trade publisher. He’s written a couple of books himself to try figuring out how this author/publisher process works.

  • Etan Ilfeld

    Etan is the chairman of the business. An American, based in London, he’s the owner of Watkins, the UK’s oldest spiritual bookshop (a bit like Banyen and Bodhi in the USA, combined), and editor-in-chief of the Watkins Review. He graduated at the top of his physics class at Stanford University, and holds a Masters in Film Studies from the University of Southern California, and a Masters in Interactive Media from Goldsmiths University of London. He founded and owns the Tenderpixel Gallery in Central London (contemporary art), is a serious digital artist in his own right, and was executive producer of the feature film Killer Pad. He won the under 23 section of the US Open Chess Tournament in 2003, is a ranked USCF chess master, and won the World Amateur Poker Championship Title in 2010.

  • Dominic James

    Dominic runs the marketing, and deals with author queries in that area. He edits all book information for sales sheets, sends the title info out to databases, distributors and online retail sites worldwide, and keeps them updated, as well as running an imprint, and chipping in widely on readers reports and publishing matters. He has three books to his name so far, and lives near Oxford, UK.

  • Krystina Kellingley

    Krystina contributes widely around different imprints as a reader and publisher. She has a BA in Imaginative Writing and Literature and an MA in Creative Writing. She has had several short stories published in spiritual magazines as well as many online articles on dream interpretation and other subjects, and is currently working on an adult supernatural fiction novel. As well as teaching creative writing, she has worked as a hypnotherapist, counsellor and a dream analyist. Krystina travels internationally to tutor in writing workshops as well as privately mentoring new writers of adult and children’s fiction. She lives in Lancashire, UK.

  • Justin Loeber

    Justin is our technology partner, writing the software which is at the heart of the business. We’re working with his firm on developing a complete publishing package, with content available in all book formats and other media, with author access to all information, all marketing and media contacts, worldwide, for any subject area. We aim to develop this website over the next few years into the most accessible and useful one for authors, anywhere, and the most interesting one for all readers. Justin lives in North Carolina, USA.

  • Suzanne Ruthven

    Suzanne is the publisher for Compass Books, a writers’ resource imprint, and as a result getting more involved in our development of editorial services. She started her professional writing career in 1987 by founding the small press writers’ magazine, Quartos, which ran for nine years until its merger with Acclaim in 1996. More recently she was editor of the popular quarterly creative writing magazine, The New Writer, which she produced in partnership with literary agent Merric Davidson. In addition to acting as a judge for several national writing competitions, she has also tutored at many writers’ workshops, and was invited to become a full member of the Welsh Academi in recognition of her contribution to literature in Wales. She is author over 20 books on spiritual, country and self-help matters (including two novels and Creative Pathways: Freeing the Writer’s Inner Voice) and has contributed articles to a huge variety of publications. She founded Ignotus Press in 1994, which for over 10 years the press was recognised as one of the leading publishers in the metaphysical genre. She has also “ghost written” numerous books for other writers including an autobiography for one of Britain’s leading field sportsmen, which was nominated for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year in 2006. She lives in County Tipperary, Ireland.

  • Tim Ward

    Tim Ward is the publisher of Changemakers Books, and focuses on the North American angle. He has written five books about his extensive travels through Thailand, India, China, Tibet, Greece and Southern Europe, and most recently East Africa. His stories have appeared in 13 anthologies, including Traveler’s Tales Best Travel Writing 2006, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Together with John Hunt, Tim wrote The Author’s Guide to Publishing and Marketing, a book to help new authors succeed (needs revising!). Tim also co-owns a global training business, Intermedia Communications Training, with his wife and business partner, Teresa Erickson. They teach scientists, economists and development experts how to communicate effectively. They live in, Bethesda, Maryland, where Tim spends his spare time kayaking in the Potomac and planning his next mountain trek.

  • Nick Welch

    Nick does the vast majority of covers for us, two to three dozen a month, increasing. He works with many of the top publishers in the UK, through his company Design Deluxe. Again, we’ve been working together for many years. He lives in Bath, UK, with his American wife.

  • Maria Moloney Wilbrink

    Maria runs editorial services and foreign rights. She is a publicist and co-publisher across various imprints. She has been part of the JHP team for six years. The author of five MBS books, she is currently working on further books and her first children’s fantasy novel, which will be published next year. She has guest lectured at a UK university, and holds workshops in writing fiction and non-fiction and on spiritual subjects internationally. She is co-founder and former deputy editor of Irish Pagan Magazine, Brigid’s Fire. Maria has a BA (hons) degree in Imaginative Writing and Literature, and has studied both Writing and Research at postgraduate level. She lives in Ireland.