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John Hunt Publishing began in 2001 under the name of O Books, and now publishes two to three hundred titles a year. In 2010 the company began reorganizing itself into a number of autonomous imprints operating worldwide in different genres.

The imprints are largely run by authors who have gravitated to being involved in publishing, whether coming up through editing, design or marketing, and they draw in turn on a pool of like-minded people. A central office looks after sales, accounts, and royalties.

We rely heavily on in-house online publishing systems, designed by authors, for authors, in order to be lean, quick, and hand back to the author as high a proportion of the sales income that we can achieve. For example, our ebooks royalties are 50% of receipts (averaging about one third of the sale price), which is the highest royalty rate we are aware of in commercial trade publishing.

90% of our sales come through the bricks-and-mortar and online retailers. Our Publishing Process provides a complete description of how we work, from initial enquiries through contracts, editorial, design, production, sales, marketing and publicity to royalties.


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