• Heart of Life, The
    Jez Hughes
    The author engages our attention – mind, heart and soul – from the very first page, and walks us through an intense process of insight which is both deeply personal, but also has wider collective significance. Written in an accessible and honest way, this book addresses the suffering of our troubled times, dismantling false beliefs and encouraging us to align ourselves once again with the ancient ways. He offers a cosmology which supports the reality that darkness, illness and affliction may be the very portals through which we enter, individually and collectively, into an initiation, a rite of passage, a healing. A brave work, to be celebrated and savoured. ~

  • Fragile Brilliance
    Eliot Parker
    Eliot Parker creates interesting characters and wraps them around an enthralling story.
    ~ Kirkus Reviews

  • Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity
    A. Aimee
    It is wonderful to see the genre take on deeper meanings and subjects.

    This is well-written, wonderfully told, and a gripping account of a woman wrestling with sexuality and what that means to her. When I say sexuality I mean its power over others, and its power over her. The difficult situations are used to explore this power and her feelings about using it, both what it does to others and what it does to herself. You do get the feeling of the meaninglessness of sex forced or used to comfort, and this is a good thing that helps drive the book’s message of love home.

    The cover is simple, pretty, and it reflects the dark themes of the book.

    I told you this was a difficult book. Some books are fantasies and escapes, and they let you fly free from life or a moment or two. Other books inspire reflection and thought, and this book clearly falls into the latter – at least for me. There is a great examination of “good pussy and bad pussy” in the books in this series, and I feel that this theme of sex as a force for good, or as a force for bad, is worth bringing into your consciousness and thinking about. It is also worth discussing and reading, as I do not normally read books like this, but they do inspire me to think.

    I liked it though, even the parts I didn’t like, I understood – and I did feel they belonged. The abuse, the mistakes, everything – these reflect us as sexual beings and the same things which happen in our lives. Sex is not always magically porn-movie perfect, and I support works like this that explore imperfect lives. Through these, we find ourselves. This is one you have to stick with until the end, as tough as it gets that redemption is there. Very nice work.

    A strong recommend this one for readers interested in difficult themes, the meaning of sex in erotic romance, and readers interested in details of emotional survival. Overall, a book important not so much for the heat and erotic content as the message, reflections on sexuality, and hopeful spirit it communicates.

    For the full review, see:

    ~ Silvia Storm,

  • Inner Goddess Revolution, The
    Lyn Thurman
    It is comforting to sit down and read and revise those thoughts and guidelines that help to bring peace and balance to our lives. The renewal of spiritual energy and awareness of inner thoughts and intuitions is welcome. The book begins with the renewal of spiritual awareness that we need to be able to step through life calmly. It suggests ways we can quietly tune in to our inner goddess and listen to what she says. ~,

  • Framespotting
    Laurence & Alison Matthews
    Framespotting: Changing How You Look At Things Changes How You See Them is a refreshing, radical work that explores the politics of "framing." Written in a simple, straightforward style and accompanied by quirky illustrations, it's the kind of book anyone could pick up and read quickly and understand... By highlighting some of the hidden assumptions behind the narratives that the political and economic elites push on the general public, the authors make plain a process that is often consciously hidden... Ending with a rallying call for action to combat the looming threat of climate change, Framespotting is a wise and unusual book that you'll want to pass on to your friends and family as soon as you've finished it. Inspirational. ~ Ian Sinclair, The Morning Star

  • Frogs, Cats and Pyramids
    Tony Cleaver
    The author has assembled under a common framework nine short stories dealing with contemporary disciplines, ranging from literature and foreign languages, to mathematics and sciences, and concluding his tour with computer science, economics and religion, each analysing a different way in which we learn to see the world... There is a framework embracing the individual tales in the book: a group of people with different attitudes is staying in a mountain retreat, seeking to understand why knowledge has always been categorised into various academic disciplines, each with its own way of looking at reality. The structure could remind one of Boccaccio or other classic authors, putting several tales in a common framework with an artifice. We several times meet David and Ana Maria, Ivan and Abdul, Hugo and Julia, discussing among themselves Mathematics, Arts, Humanities, Sciences, Computer Science, Economics, Religion and Ethics. ‘Faith in science is no different from faith in God,’ says David. ‘There is something irreducibly mystical in all life,’ says Ana Maria (p viii). Each discipline is a way of seeing that separates us from other ways. It’s also a Standpoint, one of several different points of view through which it’s possible to form an understanding of the surrounding multiplicity of experiences. Lending from Classical German Philosophy we can easily make reference to the notion of Standpunkt, the only possible way to understand experiences, as explained by Kant and Fichte in their Transcendental Philosophy. Concepts without intuition are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind, so the famous Kantian motto said. Contemporary epistemology is dealing with these pairs also today, either trying to find new paths like Chalmers, Ladyman or Unger, or trying to think again following the paths of the post-kantian understanding of concepts, like Brandom and McDowell.
    In this book the characters take you on travels through Maths, Science, Linguistics and Literature like you never imagined in school. This could be very useful for high school students trying to make sense of the structure of the school itself, or for younger children assisted by their parents. Also the general reader could gain more interest in popular philosophy and the nature of different sciences. ~ Giovanni Cogliandro, ESSSAT News and Reviews: European Society for the Study of Science and Theology - 25:2

  • Enlightenment Interrupted
    Michael Steinberg
    Steinberg (independent scholar) here gives a detailed account of why the expectations of the Enlightenment were not fulfilled, indeed, why they could not be fulfilled. For Steinberg, the Enlightenment tradition is broadly conceived to include "the philosophers and poets of the German idealist tradition, figures that are too often cast as enemies of the Enlightenment, even enemies of progress, or as Romantic irrationalists who set themselves against the proponents of reason who were the 'real' natural philosophers, philosophes and Aufklärer" (pp. 21–22). Steinberg’s tapestry is rich, weaving strands of German idealism, early German Romanticism, and the development of Marxist thought into a dramatic reading of the period. The volume is laudable for its sincerity and its attempt to draw attention to the relevance of the intellectual project offered by Kant, Fichte, Schlegel, Novalis, and Schelling. ~ E Millan, De Paul University, CHOICE

  • After Pornified
    Anne G. Sabo
    Anne G. Sabo's After Pornified: How Women are Transforming Pornography and Why It Really Matters is a straightforward study of pron made by women... In a world where porn often circulates in small clips that are divorced from their origins, with no indication of financing or mode of production, After Pornified is a helpful resource for those looking to study women-made porn. ~ Nora Stone, Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources - Volume 35

  • Divorcing a Real Witch
    Diana Rajchel
    Rajchel's book is a helpful guide to an often-avoided subject in Pagan culture... While the book suggests that we Pagans seem to rely on the mainstream methods of state-sanctioned divorce and peer-rebounding, the parts I found most helpful built around protection, self-healing, and rediscovery. From chapter four on, every chapter had prayers, rituals, spells, or other activities to encourage this process... All in all, I recommend this book to Pagans who are in the process of a divorce, or still feel the need the for closure from a past relationship. I think the spellwork and rituals suggested would be of particular interest. ~ Leslie Linder, Witches and Pagans: Earthwise Spirituality for Today - Issue 30

  • Pagan Portals - Nature Mystics
    Rebecca Beattie
    This thoughtful book opens a door to exploring how nature is handled in fiction and the impact fiction can have on our understanding of our relationship with the natural world. Pagans will be fascinated, students of English literature and those interested in the literature of landscape may also want to take note. ~ Nimue Brown

  • Christian Animism
    Shawn Sanford Beck
    This is a refreshingly intelligent and well argued book. Beck, an Anglican priest and a Canadian, feels that traditional attempts by the church to embrace an Earth centred spirituality do not go nearly deep enough. The churches have tended to regard creation as sacred only in so far as it reveals God to us and the focus is on our obligation to be responsible stewards rather than being in a real relationship with the rest of creation. Beck’s religious faith is important to him and he makes the case for Christian animism. The definition of animism that he uses is the attribution of a living soul to inanimate objects and natural phenomena and he argues that this is that is compatible with Christian tradition and the Bible. It enables us to enter into the sacred web of Earth as a spiritual entity of which we are part. This relationship is ancient but has been lost because of Christian fear of paganism and in modern times even more because of scientific reductionism which he says explores only quantifiable parts and ignores the relationship each part has to a greater whole. He describes his own faith as one in which he does not worship the Earth and creation as a god or goddess but regards it as sentient and as a neighbour to be loved.

    This is a very short book of barely fifty pages and it is divided into three parts. The first defines Christian animism in some detail. He also shows why this is such a vital emphasis. Today’s world has a destructive mindset. He says, The contribution of the scientific materialism we live with to ecological biocides is staggering and profound. In the second part of the book he writes about different traditions both Christian and non Christian that have helped him to understand his path. He has clearly absorbed a great deal from the Cree Native American world view and has the grace and humility to do this with extreme sensitivity. Celtic Christianity is also an important influence as is modern Buddhism. The third and final part is the shortest and makes some suggestions as to what a modern Christian animism could look like and how we might try to live it.

    I found this small book profound and really useful. Green spirituality is sadly suspect to many Christians who are afraid of falling into heresies such as pantheism and various other ‘unchristian’ forms of paganism. Beck does not try to convert those with fixed views but rather to show a path to Christians for whom the current forms of Christianity do not go far enough in leading us to engage with our world, as sacred and part of who we are. Oddly he does not mention the Catholic tradition going back to Teilhard de Chardin and including Thomas Berry and Matthew Fox. But in every other way this is an impressive little book which presents a clear and convincing account of an important new understanding of the Christian tradition. ~ June Raymond, GreenSpirit Book Reviews

  • Pagan Dreaming
    Nimue Brown
    Highly recommended. Pagan Dreaming: The Magic of Altered Consciousness, to give it its full title, is an informed and thought provoking introduction to dreams and dream work. Although tailored specifically to a Pagan-oriented audience, it will be of interest to many other people as well... She ends by saying: “none of these explanations is any less miraculous than any of the others”. That sense of an open and affirmatively questioning stance towards the ‘miraculous’ is for me the defining feature of this book: a refreshing treatment of a fascinating topic. ~ James Nichol,

  • Shaman Pathways - Trees of the Goddess
    Elen Sentier = Dani's channel
    ~ Dani Niles: via Nimue Brown, YouTube

  • Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity
    A. Aimee
    Riveting, suspenseful and powerful

    Mutha Fucka she did it again!! Loved this book :)

    Ok... disclaimer first... There is graphic rape in this book under the guise of blackmail. This book will push your hard limits. This is a violent story. It will get your heart pumping and have you screaming NOOOOO! You may even have the urge to jump into this book and kick some ass yourself. These are unfortunate but necessary events to tell this story. This is also a story about love, family and the lengths and limits we are pushed, to care for the ones we love. What would you do if you were in this situation? What situation? You'll have to read the book to find out.

    The rest of the book is flawless. It's hard to express how fucked up and awesome it is. I don't trust any of the characters except Albert and Rachel's mom. And I don't know how Rachel or her family will ever be able to deal with or recover from this. The Buddhist monastery is an interesting piece of the story and I have some unanswered questions about all of that. Is Rachel going to tell Albert about what happened there?

    Another question that has me scratching my head. Does Rachel have a magical pussy? I'm really starting to think that her Good Pussy Bad Pussy secretes a magical essence that makes people fall to their knees and become lust filled zombies that have to have a taste of the Rachel. So speaking of Rachel's magical vagina, let's talk about sex. The sex is good, graphic and frequent. Good Pussy Bad Pussy has an insatiable appetite and she is just as hungry in this one. However, as I mentioned before, there is rape and it makes my heart hurt when I read about it. I can't really elaborate on this, so if you read this I'll let you make up your own mind.

    Overall, this book is amazing! In Captivity is enthralling, riveting, suspenseful and powerful. There are lots of hot and steamy sex scenes that will have your naughty bits tingling, confused and excited. The story is well written, inventive and captivating. The characters are well developed and the storyline is unique and heart gripping. The sex is really good and sometimes healing, but reader beware... there is graphic and detailed rape and blackmail. I still think the cost of the ebook is a little high for my liking, but this is a really good read and I highly recommend it.

    ~ Naughty Book Snitch, Goodreads & her blog

  • Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Herbs & Plants, A
    Rachel Patterson
    A brilliant book for every witch to have in her/ his collection.
    I particularly liked the different suggestions of crafts throughout the book ~ Willowmoon, Amazon

  • Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food, A
    Rachel Patterson
    A great book for any one who loves cooking with love and feel good vibes. Very readable, written in Rachel's friendly, approachable style. ~ Heather Dewhurst, Amazon

  • Pagan Portals - Kitchen Witchcraft
    Rachel Patterson
    Loved this inspirational book. Down to Earth but sparkling with simple every day magic. Lots of great ideas to live a magical life, from kitchen witchery to garden meditation. Very accessible and well written. A handbook to keep with you, be you new to Magic or a life long member such as myself! Well done. BB )0( ~ Amanda Whittall, Amazon

  • Your Simple Path
    Ian Tucker
    This beautifully written book shows the reader simple, practical steps to help shift emotions away from worry, loneliness and aggression, to a life full of compassion, respect and calm.

    If you want to find out what's important and what really matters, this book provides you with things to introduce into our daily lives, so that you are able to feel forgiveness, gratitude, peace and freedom.

    It is a straightforward, modern way of learning to appreciate what we have in life and all that is wonderful about our time here. ~ Sarah Dee, Health and Happiness magazine.

  • Opening Love
    Dr. Anya
    Until comparatively recently I had been telling myself I should write a book on how we could be living in what is called A Relationship. Now I don't have to—Anya has written an excellent book on the subject—and from what I have read so far, it includes most of the things I would have mentioned. I am very grateful to her. I suggest you get the book, and ​absorb and live what Anya is sharing through it. ~ Paul Lowe, spiritual teacher & author of In Each Moment: A New Way to Live,

  • Afterlife Unveiled, The
    Stafford Betty
    Lovely and interesting book. Couldn't put it down. ~ Trixie Geisler, review