Dream of Europa, The

The Triumph of Peace

A masque in verse celebrating the unification of the EU and Europa’s dream of a 50-state United States of Europe.

Drone and Apocalypse

An exhibit catalog for the end of the world

An imagined retrospective of apocalyptic art

Slave States

the practice of Kafala in the Gulf Arab Region

Enslavement, trafficking, sexual starvation. Abuse of workers in the Gulf Arab Region.

Etched in Lies

Etched in Lies is the search for the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

Small Change

A Casebook of Scherer and Miller, Investigators of the Paranormal and Supermundane

Crime, chaos, cocktails and – creatures of the night?

Pagan Portals - Hekate

A Devotional

Hekate, Queen of Witches and the Shadow-Lands, haunts the pages of this devotional bringing magic and enchantment into your lives.

Pagan Portals - Your Faery Magic

Discover what it means to be fey and unlock your natural power

Tap into your Natural Magic and become the Fey you are.

Pandora's Gift

Pandora Series - Book Three

Pandora disappears on a secret mission, putting her relationship in jeopardy, so the prophecy of an archangel can be fulfilled.

Time for the Wind

Mankind meets its karmic retribution – but is it ‘real’?


Sam and Chloe never thought they would spend the summer holidays fighting a battle against the dark past that haunts Kingsholt.

Positive Realism

Things exist, and therefore undoubtedly resist us, but in doing so they offer affordances, resources, opportunities.

Against Capitalist Education

What is Education for?

The birth of a revolutionary art of world-creation.

On Being Human

Distinctiveness, Dignity, Disability & Disposal

A study of human beings – our origins, status, beginnings and endings. It asks what is entailed in being human?

Digby's Hollywood Story

An exploration of the difference between fiction and reality, involving a movie-studio cop, an actress, and a mysterious death.

Selected Poems: Quest for the One

The best of Hagger’s many poems, grouped under ‘Quest for the One’ and ‘Follies and Vices’ (the two aspects of the fundamental theme of world literature).

This Space of Writing

A renewed appreciation of the mystery and promise of writing.


The Other Horizons Trilogy - Book One

Never try to open the locked doors. Never question what you are told. And never attempt to cross the Boundary.

Enjoying It

Candy Crush and Capitalism

This book is a study of enjoyment and of the enjoyment of studying. It asks what enjoyment says about us and what we say about enjoyment, and why.

May's Moon

If thirteen-year-old Michael May passes a battery of tests, he could be the first child on the moon!

Living Lightly

A journey through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.)

A self-help guide and 'Eat, Pray, Love'-style autobiography exploring the path to recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Pagan Portals - Meditation

An introduction to the beautiful world of meditation.

Selected Stories: Follies and Vices of the Modern Elizabethan Age

The best of a thousand imagistic stories, grouped under ‘Follies and Vices’ and ‘Quest for the One’ (the two aspects of the fundamental theme of world literature).

Paradise and Promises

Chronicles of my life with a self-declared, modern-day Buddha

An ordinary woman's insightful and poetic narrative of enchantment and intoxication, hangover and victory in a cult: compelling reading for those interested in power and dependence, choice and responsibility.

Book of Becoming, The

Why is there something rather than nothing? A Metaphysics of Esoteric Consciousness

We exist, we are beginning to understand why and how, but can we survive - or not?

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