Crystal Prescriptions volume 4

the A-Z guide to chakra balancing crystals and kundalini activation stones

Harness the power of crystals to open the higher chakras and facilitate kundalini awakening.

Inner Heart of Reiki, The

Rediscovering Your True Self

An unique journey into the inner heart of the system of Reiki for practitioners and teachers to rediscover their True Self

Black Tom: Terror on the Hudson

Sabotage and Shenanigans

Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light

Wonder about heaven? The answer lies within.

Ground Catches Everything, The

She's pregnant, and she will find him!

Boredom and Art

Passions of the Will To Boredom

Examines the manners in which modern artists use boredom as a form of aesthetic resistance that, at its most positive, is the will to boredom.

How Finkelstein Broke the Trauma Bond, and Beat the Holocaust

Traumatic Memory and the Struggle Against Systemic Evil

Deconstructing Traumatic Memory, Resisting Systemic Evil.

Audible Life Stream, The

Ancient Secret of Dying While Living

The secret to unlocking your purpose in life is solving the mystery of death while still living.

Pagan Portals - Irish Paganism

Reconstructing Irish Polytheism

Reconstructing the beliefs and practices of pre-Christian Irish Paganism for the modern world.

What Dwells Within: A Study of Spirit Attachment

A book discussing the work of leading paranormal investigator Jayne Harris and her studies into haunted objects.

In the Absence of Human Beauty

Philosophical Fragments

Vivid fragments engaging with ethical and sceptical themes by means of an engagement with several major European thinkers.

What I Did for Love

An explicitly sexy novel without the four-letter words.


A breathtaking journey through divine consciousness into the revolutionary spirituality of aging.

Austerity Ecology & the Collapse-porn Addicts

A defence of growth, progress, industry and stuff

Modernity is not the cause of our ecological woes. Only through a deepening of our modernity can we save the planet.

This Ancient Heart: Landscape, Ancestor, Self

This Ancient Heart brings together leading spiritual and academic thinkers in order to explore the threefold relationship between landscape, ancestor, and self

Little at a Time, A

Homeopathy for You and Those You Love

Home-treatment with gentle homeopathy for everyday conditions.

Madness and the Magic, The

A dishy vicar, an unexpected grandchild and hot will a witch like Minerva cope with one hormonal challenge after another?

Desert Dwellers Born By Fire

The First Book in the Paintbrush Saga

Three siblings with unique powers are chased from a home full of secrets when their parents become sick, and find answers in a rainforest clan who control fire.

Riding Hearts

A tale of romance, betrayal and revenge that will keep you hooked to the very last page.

How to Become a Miracle-Worker with Your Life

Steps to use the almighty ancient technique of Ho'oponopono

The key to your success and happiness is within YOU!

Blissfully Dead

Life Lessons from the Other Side

The spirit of Janelle, a former actress, takes the reader on a fascinating and insightful journey from the mind to the heart.

Heart of Life, The

Shamanic Initiation & Healing in the Modern World

An important manual for initiating long-lasting change into a world of power, health and harmony.

Incompatible Ballerina and Other Essays

An ontological and epistemological framework and foundation for the psychological symptom 'neurosis'.

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