Porn Panic!

Sex and Censorship in the UK

The Rise of the New British Anti-Sex Movement.

Dirty Money

Pornography and the Erotics of Consumption

Budget Smart Girl's Guide to the Universe, The

Saving Money While Living the Good Life

Towards a Conceptual Militancy

Politicises art with a sense of immediacy.

Whose Authority?

The neo-liberal attack on local government and local democracy

A vociferous cry against the neo-liberal assault on local government services and the attack on local democracy.

I, Human

In an Orwellian future where brain implants are causing massive emotional breakdowns, one man is able to reprogram his experimental implant with the help of a energy healer and break the techno oligarchies hold on humanity.

Feminism's Founding Fathers

The Men Who Fought for Women's Rights

The first book to tell the untold story of the male pioneers and fellow-travellers  of womens lib.


A History of Dispossession

Gypsy and Traveller people are among the most demonised and disenfranchised ethnic groups in Britain. 'Pikey' asks why this is so, and what can be done to change it.

Graveyard of Utopia, The

Soviet Urbanism and the Fate of International Modernist Architecture

New Paradigm Psychology

How to increase therapeutic effectiveness and prevent burnout with a heart-based counselling practice.

Become an incredibly effective agent of therapeutic and transformational change for your clients, eliminate burnout, and help facilitate outstanding clinical results.

Table For One

Anecdotes of a Single White(ish) Female

Other Side of the Valley, The

Healing Through Altered States of Consciousness

Secrets of the Combined Astrology

The Full 144 Combinations of the Chinese & Western Zodiac Signs

144 Astrological Archetypes that reveal more about you than you knew about yourself.

Theory Against Theory

A Critique of Literary Criticism

An incisive critique of the conventions of literary criticism, and a call for a new kind of literary theory

Answering the Housing Question

The predicament of Britain's sustained Housing Trilemma

If you are asking "where can I live?" you are asking the Housing Question that was first answered in 1872. It is a question that is increasingly difficult to answer with wages earned, even from hard work. Why is that so in 2012?

Elusive Galilean, The

The Many Portraits of Jesus from the Earliest Church

The earliest writers from inside and outside the New Testament present radically different portraits of the founder of Christianity.

Dowsing Made Easy

Using your inner Whiskers (or 'using your whiskers.')

This is about dowsing with or without tools - whether trusting your own whiskers or using pendulum, rods or a birch fork)

Heart Based Medicine

How To Reignite Passion Into The Practice of Medicine

Medicine needs resuscitation. Doctors need help. One half of all doctors are burned out, they have high suicide and divorce rates. I was one of those statistics. This is what I have learned from amazing teachers around the world that brought back my pa

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