Tudor Brandons, The

Mary and Charles - Henry VIII's Nearest & Dearest

The Life and Times of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon.

Lives Around Us, The

Daily Meditations for Nature Connection

Close encounters with those who share our world.

Witch's List, The

Follow the strange, lustful and horrific journey of Sandy Beech as he is ensnared into the realm of African witchcraft.

Meeting Evil with Mercy

An Anglican priest's bold answer to atrocity - reflections upon the ministry of Martin Israel

At a time of great turbulence, this book offers solace and insight into the root causes of sorrow and violence.

Homemade Academic Circus

Idiosyncratically Embodied Explorations into Artistic Research and Circus Performance

What happens to the knowledge of the performance theoretician when physically engaging with the circus arts?

Dead People

A book of unorthodox obituaries from David Foster Wallace to Osama bin Laden.

Zen City

From the author of "Breakfast with the Ones You Love" comes Zen City. This thought experiment novella critiques spirituality in America.


Following the Path of Fairy Witchcraft

Following the call of the Old Gods along the path of the Fair Folk.

Escape to Redemption

She can hide from the police, but not from her guilt.

Human Experience is the Dance of Heaven and Earth, The

A Call Home to Peace

What if your daily life is not an impediment to realizing the truth of who you are but is actually 'the way in'?


Journey to mystical union through the sacred and the profane

Dramatic events propel one couple on a spiritual adventure.

Flourishing Together

Guide to Appreciative Inquiry Coaching

Explores ways of understanding the power of our conversations, the language we use, and the images we share.

Being British

Our Once and Future Selves

How liberals can discover and be part of a new post-traditional story and feel proud of being British.

Advancing Conversations: Aubrey de Grey - advocate for an indefinite human lifespan

A line of interview books documenting conversations with artists, authors, philosophers, economists, scientists, and activists whose works are aimed at the future and at progress.

Being Mrs Smith

A very unorthodox love story

In this real-life hero's journey, Mr and Mrs Smith walk a wild road where shamanic guides and otherworldly entities help them find their way home.

Arc of the Goddess

A year-long journey taking you on your own personal pathway through the magical energy of each month.

Babbling Corpse

Vaporwave and the Commodification of Ghosts

In the age of global capitalism, vaporwave celebrates and undermines the electronic ghosts haunting the nostalgia industry.

Firebird Chronicles, The

The Nemesis Charm

Sickness spills from beyond the Un-Crossable Boundary. Can Fletcher and Scoop break its deadly curse before their old enemy takes control?

James Fenimore Cooper: A Life

In the first popular biography of Cooper in a generation, historian Nick Louras brings the man and his age vividly to life.

# I'm Zombie

A Zombie Mosaic Novel

Accounts from the zombie apocalypse — letters, notes, documents, chatroom and forum fragments.

Towards a Conceptual Militancy

Politicises art with a sense of immediacy.

Gift of an Angel, The

A Journey to Integrating Spirituality Into Everyday Life

A true story of a woman channelling Angel messages, the purpose of which is to help us all to shine, speak our truth and find our own courage to support the Divine.

Beyond the Furthest Edge of Night

Abandon reality and find the world inside everyone.

Seven Deadly Whites, The

Evolution to Devolution - The Rise of The Diseases Of Civilization

Revealing how the diet of today is directly linked to the diseases of civilization (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, dementia, ADD and more).

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