Walking with a smile into the dark

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110Jennifer Kavanagh has recently run another workshop based on A Little Book of Unknowing, called “Walking with a Smile into the Dark,” at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham. There will be another opportunity to take this course next year, and youc an find the details here – http://www.woodbrooke.org.uk/courses.php?action=course&id=10665

The Little Book of Unknowing explores the role of unknowing in a spiritual life. What if the facts on which we base our lives are shown to be unreliable? What if our expectations are confounded? What if we let go of those assumptions and expectations? What if we let go of our familiar, habitual ways of thinking? What if we let go of the very need to know?

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Jennifer Kavanagh is the author of numerous titles including one with Earth Books and one with Business Books – find out more about her work here. http://www.christian-alternative.com/authors/jennifer-kavanagh

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