Reviews for The Seven Deadly Whites

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The Seven Deadly Whites, by Karl Elliot-Gough reveals how the modern diet is directly linked to the diseases of modern civilization (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, dementia, ADD and more). Here’s what the reviewers have been saying…

“This immensely well-researched book looks at our modern-day diet and all that is wrong with the food chain today, from soil to shelf. At times a distressing and shocking read, but equally at times humorous and positive. Broken down into 6 main food groups (white ‘lies’ making up the 7th….corporate cover-ups and scandals!), the author carefully walks the reader through the last 100 years of industrialisation within the food chain.” Clarkos. (

“An utterly fascinating read that penetrates straight into the heart of the matter.” J Marshall (

“Great book! Well worth a read and an ideal introduction to healthy eating – give it to people you would like to have around you in your old age and save haranguing them about their deadly mistakes, this book breaks it gently but convincingly.” ~ Craig Sams, founder of Whole Earth, Green & Blacks, Treasurere and then Chairman of The Soil Association

“This will certainly be one book I highly recommend to all those who ask me ‘how can they change their diet to eat healthy & feel more healthy in their lives.'” Jo (



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