Hell is not only a state of Mind; it’s becoming the state of Earth

Mar 21st, 2018 | By

by Antonin Tuynman (reprinted from steemit) Whenever we feel unhappy or uncomfortable, whenever we are suffering, this is usually due to the fact that we have a divided Mind. In the book “The Praxis” Dirk Bruere lucidly describes how the Mind can become divided against itself when it has to exclusively choose from more than one

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Quantum Beer

Feb 15th, 2018 | By

by Knujon Mapson The concept of quantum foam has bubbled up in scientific circles for over half a century, ever since physicist John Wheeler figured that quantum mechanics, at the really really small scale, would yield a Universe where nothing was ever static, and instead bits of matter (or, at least, the fundamental particles constructing them)

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The Real Meaning of ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’

Jan 17th, 2018 | By

By Steve Taylor, Reprinted from Psychology Today It’s a dangerous over-simplification to believe that some people are innately ‘good’ while others are innately ‘evil’ or ‘bad.’ This misleading concept underpins the justice system of many countries – ‘bad’ people commit crimes, and since they are intrinsically ‘bad’, they should be locked away so that they

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In the Absence of Human Beauty

Oct 14th, 2016 | By

This book is a collection of vivid philosophical fragments engaging with ethical and sceptical themes by means of an engagement with several major European thinkers, including Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Levinas and Wittgenstein. Reviewers have called it ‘absorbing’ and ‘profound’. “A gripping oddity infused with a sense of drama rare among contemporary British philosophers,” says one Amazon review.

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The Fall Revisited

Sep 11th, 2016 | By

by Steve Taylor The Fall was originally published in the UK in 2005. I started to write it in the summer of 2001 – I have a very vivid memory of taking a break from writing Chapter 4 of the book, switching on the radio and hearing about the terrorists attacks on the World Trade

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Featured book – Stargazers

Aug 18th, 2016 | By

What exactly distinguishes the good life? Is it pleasure? Is it virtue? Is it wisdom? Or is it something else? Each of the ancient philosophers of Greece and Rome had an answer, because for them it was the most important question. Stargazers takes us into their lives, depicting their efforts to understand the nature of

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Featured author – Jennifer Kavanagh

Mar 14th, 2016 | By

Jennifer Kavanagh is an author whose work ranges widely, through non-fiction and fiction, business and spirituality. She has worked in publishing for nearly thirty years, and has run a community centre in London’s East End, worked with street homeless people and refugees, and set up microcredit programmes in London, and in Africa. She has also

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Overview of More Than Allegory, new from Bernardo Kastrup

Feb 7th, 2016 | By

“Over the years I have felt that the limitations of mainstream religion increasingly outweigh its potential benefits, but More Than Allegory sees into its heart, enabling us to consider religion with fresh perspective and redeeming it for our generation.” ~ Rupert Spira Publishing April 29th 2016 To mark the online availability of my new book

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Jan 26th, 2016 | By

Behind the Scenes Ever wanted to look behind the scenes at a theatre, a rock concert, or an airport? Of course you have: backstage is a hidden world where exciting things go on, a secret world most of us rarely get to see. There’s a hidden world behind everyday life too. “Framing” operates behind the

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On Being Human by Micheal Marsh

Dec 10th, 2015 | By

What comes into our minds when thinking about consciousness? Is it, to quote a lesser-known remark (made in completely different circumstances) by Sir Winston Churchill – ‘a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’? In piercing the gloom, I prefer the phrase ‘being conscious’ – indicating that consciousness is not an additional appendage of

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