Being a Supervisor 1.0

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Being a Supervisor 1.0 is a handbook for first-time and aspiring supervisors, covering information useful in preparing to step into that role and fulfilling the duties of a supervisor on a daily basis. While the primary audience is the first-time supervisor, or aspiring supervisor, the book will also be a useful resource to experienced supervisors looking for help with daily supervisory tasks.

Being a Supervisor 1.0 is a must read for everyone involved in staff training and organizational development. Whether you are a newly promoted supervisor, manager or an experienced human resource trainer, you will greatly benefit from this book. Joe Duffy has provided a comprehensive review of all aspects of the important role that supervisors play in our work settings. I highly recommend reading this book to everyone involved in leadership and supervision.

Dennis C. Miller, Executive Search, Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach

Out in July – add it to your wish list!

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