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Bernardo Kastrup on Consciousness

Jul 17th, 2018 | By

Uniform Reprints of Bernardo’s Books Bernardo Kastrup’s exploratory journeys through the thoughtscapes of philosophy of mind, ontology, neuroscience of consciousness, psychology, foundations of physics and philosophy of life. A recent paper, published in the┬áJournal of Consciousness Studies, has peaked the interest of the┬áscientific community and others. Bernardo has become a regular contributor at Scientific American

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Western Philosophy Made Easy

Jul 2nd, 2018 | By

Charting the history of Western thought from Socrates to Sartre, from Epicureans to Existentialists, Western Philosophy Made Easy offers a short, readable historical summary of aspects of Western philosophy and key philosophers from Ancient Greece to the modern day, with the emphasis on topics of direct relevance to our own lives. I would consider Western

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