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Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so lightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners.
Virginia Woolf

Do any other two words in the English language hold out such promise and intrigue than these? What if you go left instead of right at the junction? What if you hadn’t gone into that particular coffee shop? What if you find a publisher for your book?

Fiction is all about the ‘what ifs’ in life and Roundfire is all about fiction. An imprint of the fiction arm of John Hunt Publishing (JHP Fiction) Roundfire publishes great stories from almost any genre – the sort of stories people want to read and keep reading. And the chances are, once you’ve had your first book published, you’ll want to write another one and this time you’ll have an expectant audience. All from taking that first step and wondering “what if”?

But let’s go back to the beginning; you’ve written a great, imaginative story, which could be funny, thrilling, fantastical or whimsical, and you want to find a publisher. You don’t want to go down the route of self-publishing, as that smacks of vanity but you’ve been told you don’t stand a chance because publishers don’t take on first-time authors. Most don’t. We do.

We offer a new kind of publishing, where author and publisher are on a much more equal footing. If we think your submission has ‘legs’ and your work fits our criteria, which are pretty broad, we’ll ask you fill in a full Proposal. After that, you might be asked to contribute towards your book’s marketing, depending on the contract we offer you. As it says in our guide, if you’re a first-time fiction author, have no marketing experience and don’t know the world of books, the chances are you will be.

You’ve also got to be computer savvy but, if you’re reading this, you probably are. That’s because we do everything online via a database. We don’t accept manuscripts by post and we don’t speak to authors on the phone – in fact, we can’t, as we have a ‘no phones’ policy. But the upside of that is it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, as long as your manuscript is in English.

If your book is a general tale of fiction, it might sit well here on the Roundfire list. If you write historical fiction then our Top Hat imprint might be a better fit. Or if it’s fantasy, horror, sci-fi or the paranormal, check out Cosmic Egg.

For more information on how to submit your work, have a look here.

What if you did? You’ll never know what could come of it until you try.

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