The Little Waggons

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by Crozier Green

Cosa Nostra’s Sicilian birth was an epic struggle between penury and privilege, born of a centuries-old conflict between a peasant underclass and a ruling elite. This noble cause was forever doomed by descent into corruption and violence. Against this background, The Little Wagons charts the rise of a seminal mafia dynasty, during Sicily’s tumultuous years at the end of the nineteenth century.

“Here at last is a captivating novel set in the formative days of the Mafia, in nineteenth-century Sicily. Crozier Green zooms in on this volatile period of the historically embattled island: at the dawn of a unified Italy that was anything but. Green’s Sicily is a brutal landscape inhabited by characters of outsized passions, despite the double-bind of poverty and exploitation, in the manner of Émile Zola. It’s an alluring backdrop for the story’s love triangle, one rife with betrayals and complicated by the strictures of “brotherhood.”
The Little Wagons plays with the old legends of Mediterranean Secret Societies: exotic tales shrouded in decorum and notions of honour that mask the eternal struggle for power.
Yet its rich narrative details—from the hell of working the sulphur mines to the trauma of surviving Palermo’s prison fortress—can only come from an author’s deep research. The reader is richer for Green’s nimble fusion of fact and fiction.” Carl Russo, author of The Sicilian Mafia: A True Crime Travel Guide

The Little Wagons is a fictional novel that captures the turmoil of late nineteenth-century Sicily, when the reverse alchemy of greed and violence forever changed the emerging Cosa Nostra from benevolent gold into corrupted base-metal.
The horrors of slavery and oppression forged revolutions and rebels in equal measure, and within this cornucopia of nepotism and brutality, hostility and passion are pitted against endemic hegemony.
With protagonists as fiery as Mount Etna itself, and equally unpredictable, The Little Wagons shows how poverty and despair become the omnipotent catalysts of vengeful change.



The Little Wagons – The Traumatic Birth of Sicily’s Cosa Nostra

by Crozier Green

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