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Stan Pavlov’s acting career has, literally, gone to the dog…

Dec 18th, 2017 | By

  Stan Pavlov, method actor, once stabbed a distant uncle before an audition for Hamlet – just to get the feel of it; he once ruined a performance of MacBeth yelling “look out, Duncan!”; and for Equus… well… the less said, the better. The only recent acting jobs he has listed on his headshot are

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Creepiness and Sinister Mice

Feb 15th, 2017 | By

Here are a few excerpts from Intelligent Designing for Amateurs, featuring creepy mice. I blame Douglas Adams entirely, I just can’t get enough sinister mice… Charlie caught the dog-faced boy trying to put wheels on one of the mice. “So it can go faster,” he explained. “But mice aren’t supposed to have wheels!” She felt

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Cosmic Egg Books

Jul 6th, 2016 | By

This week we’re taking a closer look at our Cosmic Egg Books imprint. From Fantasy to Horror, via Sci-fi and a spot of Metaphysical Cosmology, Cosmic Egg Books gives readers the chance to escape the real world for a few hours. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our latest releases…

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An Extract from I, Human

Jun 9th, 2016 | By
Cover of I, Human

We’re living in a world where technology progresses at a rate us humans can barely keep up with. But what happens when we take technology a step too far? In I, Human, neural implants have become commonplace. These implants make users far more intelligent, but they also suppress feelings. Not everyone has embraced this ‘brave

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The Art and Science of Intergalactic Warmongery

Mar 9th, 2016 | By

The Art and Science of Intergalactic Warmongery A practical guide to turning your megalomaniacal urges into an intergalactic reality. My first invasion, let’s start with that. There was a planet somewhere beneath the grey soup we were falling through. I, the beloved leader of the Molagrian Empire, was leading the invasion. My entire armada was

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Visions – an excerpt

Feb 19th, 2016 | By

Kara lies unconscious on the bed. The light bed covers accentuate her slightly swollen midsection. Richard pulls the covers back and places his hands there gently, ever so gently, looking up towards her eyes. Tears stain his face and it is all he can do to prevent bawling outright. He chokes back his anguish. And

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Seasonal reads – Transforming Pandora

Sep 5th, 2015 | By
Transforming Pandora book cover

With Autumn on the way, here’s a bit of seasonal fiction in this extract from Chapter 33 of ‘Transforming Pandora’ by Carolyn Mathews. Rosemary, a tall, middle-aged woman with short, fair hair, dressed in a white robe which reached her feet, stood facing a stone altar in her garden. Circled around her, several Glastonbury residents,

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Summer Reading – Intelligent Designing

Jul 21st, 2015 | By

What we do for fun these days is a long way from what our recent ancestors got up to for giggles. But then, we don’t need freakshows, we have daytime television and reality TV shows to provide all we could possibly want in terms of human weirdness and misery. Still, if you’re looking for some

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A Bowl of Mango Slices

May 29th, 2015 | By

An excerpt from 600ppm by Clarke Owens…. Of course, even with hand-pollination, fruits are severely rationed, and you can get jail time for buying black market fruit. Fruit addiction is a serious problem, though. It seems you can’t stop some people from getting their hands on it, crime or no crime. Of course, if you’ve

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Godwine Kingmaker – Excerpt

May 7th, 2015 | By

Here’s a taster from Mercedes Rochelle’s new historical fiction novel, Godwine Kingmaker… It was nearing dark, and the servants were lighting the torches while Godwine played chess with the King. They sat in Canute’s favorite room—perfect for entertaining the early arrivals of the Yuletide celebration. Already, Earl Eric of Northumbria was present, tasting some of

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