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jhp5649de322e15fThe Angel’s Lamp

What reservations about love are justified? Tale of rebellion, loyalty and love set in war-torn Ireland just after the Easter Rising 1916.

The Angel’s Lamp centers around a love affair between Johnny Flynn, an Irish-bred, English staff-sergeant in charge of the rebellion’s soon-to-be executed leaders, and Nora Connolly, the firebrand daughter of James Connolly, the uprising’s charismatic leader.

Johnny meets Nora while standing guard over her soon-to-be executed father and is struck by her determination to take the fight to the British. But then, unknown to Nora and under the threat of death Johnny is unexpectedly summoned to serve on the firing squad that executes Connolly.

Ridden with guilt after the execution and feeling a traitor to his heritage given all he has seen and done, Johnny deserts the British Army, joins the ragtag Irish rebels, and soon crosses paths with Nora. The story that follows culminates in an fiery emotional conflict between Johnny and Nora that pits the possibilities of love against the unyielding obstacles to forgiveness.



Author Ashby Jones is a portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley in Newport Beach, California. He holds a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology, an M.B.A. and a Ph.D in organizational behavior. He studied creative writing under the guidance of best-selling author William Hoffman and well-known screenwriter Leonardo Bercovici.

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