Nature or super nature?

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The dictionary definition of ‘supernatural’, when used as an adjective, is a manifestation or event that is beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. To some, it means anything that defies logic. To many, the supernatural means anything that is not related to the physical realm, relating to ghosts, gods or other ‘intangible’ beings. To most, it’s just scary.

Why does the supernatural frighten us? Is it because we can’t explain it? Or is it because there lurks in some part of our consciousness a memory of a supernatural being or event that terrified us? Every culture going back into the mists of time spoke of supernatural beings or events that couldn’t be explained in factual terms. Perhaps that’s why we feel drawn to the supernatural to this day.

We’re certainly very keen on it at JHP Fiction, which is why we’ve created the Cosmic Egg imprint as a vehicle for the pagan, paranormal and sometimes plain potty stories our writers craft. Whatever flicks your fear switch, from angels to demons, witches to zombies, we’ll have a story or two that will keep you awake all night and get your mind racing off into the subconscious.

If ghosts and magic are your particular potion, then look no further than ‘Wooing The Echo’ by Lee Morgan, the first in the Christopher Penrose series. In keeping with the supernatural theme, as reviewers have highlighted, in this tale of Old Craft sorcery and loss, the façade of normal life’ falls away to reveal a different world that is ‘seething with real, adult and believable magic.

Or, if you’re more of an ESP aficionado, Visions Through A Glass Darkly by David Aboulafia has had amazing reviews, like a taut novel of suspense with a threat of the supernatural. The Horror Palace described it as a very enthralling tale that might just inspire some readers to keep the lights on for a few nights…the perfect book to blow your mind.

And if those aren’t enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, why not follow the shamanic pathways accompanied by the Call Of The Forbidden Way by Robert Owings? From wrathful Tibetan deities to homicidal aliens, this novel contains enough adventure, cultural traditions and spiritual questing to satisfy the most avid fan of the paranormal.

If that’s whetted your appetite, you can browse all the books and authors under the Cosmic Egg banner to find the one that calls out to you. Transport yourself to another sphere – if you dare…



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