Malaren – A Swedish Affair

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Malaren Cover

In MALAREN N.E. David skillfully engages us in the unexpected events experienced by an ordinary man coming to terms with grief and loss; he could easily be us, or someone we know. In this, his third novel, he continues his exploration of the lives of individuals under stress in exceptional situations, poignantly written with moments of humour and tension.
Alan Harrison is a perfectly ordinary, middle-class, middle-aged and happily married man. But when his wife, Susan, suddenly dies, his life starts to disintegrate. Rather than stay at home where the memory of his wife still haunts him, he decides to spend the summer in Sweden at the invitation of his in-laws.
On the shores of Lake Malaren, he discovers fresh reasons for living and a contentment he had not previously thought possible. But unexpected guests arrive to disturb his new-found peace and he is forced to take unprecedented steps to recover it. This novel examines and offers a different perspective of a deep and meaningful supportive male friendship.
The development and increased popularity of Nordic noir has helped make Sweden a place that we as readers are keen to explore. Whilst this is not a crime novel, the effect of the location on the action is significant and is enhanced by the tragedy and beauty of the Swedish landscape.
Set against a backdrop of stunning Swedish scenery, MALAREN shows us the redemptive power of physical labour and male bonding as an unlikely hero struggles to overcome his challenges and reframe his life within a new context.
In order to save himself from a desolate future, Alan is forced to act apparently out of character. But do we ever really know someone until they’re put under critical pressure? MALAREN hopefully offers us an answer.

A compelling read that should definitely make your summer reading list…

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