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The Man Who Drew Triangles Out Today!

Jan 31st, 2016 | By

We’re really excited that The Man Who Drew Triangles is out today! The book tells the story of Patricia, a psychiatrist who is given a  sectioned 27y/o Icelander who claims he has spiritual  powers. Judging him “crazy”, she is forced to reconsider her view when a series of supernatural events have a profound effect on

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Book Giveaway “Oreads”

Jan 30th, 2016 | By

There is a giveaway arranged by Teddy Rose Book Reviews. This giveaway is open to the U.S., UK, and Ireland and ends on February 12, 2016 12 AM Pacific.  Entries are accepted via Rafflecopter only. Just enter here to win this great novel Oreads by John F. Lavelle. Lyrical, emotionally charged, moving and heartbreaking, Oreads is a

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Visions Through A Glass Darkly Is Out Today!

Jan 29th, 2016 | By

Visions Through A Glass Darkly Is Out Today! This dark literary thriller by David Aboulafia changes both convention and the reader: it’s a novel that can terrify you, make you laugh, make you cry and make you think. Two days, eighteen hours, fifty-eight minutes… The time of your life on this earth. Richard Goodman is

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New for January – The Secular Gospel of Sophia

Jan 28th, 2016 | By

The Secular Gospel of Sophia They were building a religion. She was keeping a faith. In the turbulent 4th Century, Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the faith of the Empire. The Secular Gospel of Sophia examines what was lost as a result. Sophia is an accidental traveller and keen observer on the road to Nicaea

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The Coward by Tom Wall

Jan 27th, 2016 | By

Today (27th January 2016) is the centenary of The Military Service Act.  The Act included a special clause, drafted by Quakers, which for the first time allowed exemption to military service on the grounds of conscience, and thousands of men applied. Tom Wall’s The Coward, Conscience on trial, highlights the issue from the Second World War.

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New for January – The Angel’s Lamp

Jan 27th, 2016 | By

The Angel’s Lamp What reservations about love are justified? Tale of rebellion, loyalty and love set in war-torn Ireland just after the Easter Rising 1916. The Angel’s Lamp centers around a love affair between Johnny Flynn, an Irish-bred, English staff-sergeant in charge of the rebellion’s soon-to-be executed leaders, and Nora Connolly, the firebrand daughter of

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New for January – Oreads

Jan 25th, 2016 | By

Oreads Lyrical, emotionally charged, moving and heartbreaking, Oreads is a literary treat that will keep you compelled right to the very last page and beyond. At fourteen, Cassie Wolphe’s way of life in Appalachia is being changed by the influx of modernity/postmodernity. She is in love with Jake McCollum, believes she will marry him and

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New for January – Recognitions

Jan 21st, 2016 | By

Recognitions Could people we meet have pre-destined roles in our lives? Amelia Rothman, a foreign-rights editor from New York, has a turbulent personal life. She juggles a divorce and two teenage kids, and decides to seek hypnotherapy to help her deal with insomnia and anxieties. But when during the session an unexpected event emerges, she

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New for January – The King

Jan 17th, 2016 | By

The King Meet Vince Kingmyle, fantasist, philistine, entrepreneur, misogynist and golf bore. Vince runs a company promoting golf tourism in Edinburgh and has big plans, at least in his own mind, to which end he enlists the help of an old work colleague, Sean Monaghan, to build up his IT system. Sean is diffident and

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Author Shelfie – Nimue Brown

Jan 15th, 2016 | By

What does a bookshelf say about a person? well, firstly there’s the shelf itself – this bookcase belonged to my great grandmother. It still has the price chalked onto the back. I inherited it after my grandmother died. My great grandfather on that side worked in a factory, my great grandmother, like most women on

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