The Rise of the Bookstagrammer

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Far from being side swept by digital media, print books have inspired a new generation of advocates on Instagram. You may well have seen a rise in captivating, well-composed images in your Instagram feed of books piled neatly upon a coffee table or a whimsical person lying on top of a floor strewn with open books. Once you start following one or two of these creative bookish accounts, it will open up a huge rabbit  hole, where you will uncover a whole inter-weaved community of ‘bookstagrammers’.

With the #bookstagram hashtag having over 19 millon images on Instagram, it’s easy to see how sought-after these accounts have become. They are called Biblipoiles, Bookbaristas and Bookdragons. They take photos of rainbow coloured book shelves (#shelfie), curated collections of themed book artefacts (#bookalicious) and highlights from their every day #booklife.

This book community is well-loved by book lovers all over the world and we salute you, Bookstagrammers, for keeping physical books alive and thriving in a tech-dominated world. Here’s a look at some of the Instagram accounts we’re coveting this month:





Like what you see? Find the book community over on Instagram by following the hashtag #bookstagram.

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