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8th March 2018: Every year on this day we celebrate gender equality and the power of women on International Women’s Day. It is a time for equality and for celebrating feminism at it’s core. This year, we are paying homage to an inspirational lady who is teaching our children to be calm and confident in today’s somewhat chaotic world. Entrepreneur, author and founder of the Relax Kids phenomenon, Marneta Viegas talks about her inspirations and dreams and shows us that being a woman rocks!

Who was your female role model growing up and why?

My grandma. Her motto was ‘I don’t mind what you do, as long as it makes you happy inside’. She lived until she was 100 and said her 70’s and 80’s were the best years of her life!

What did you want to be when you ‘grew up’?

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When I was studying at drama school, I wanted to be a children’s TV presenter, but I had this idea in my head you had to be pretty and thin. I went on to be a clown before becoming a writer. I have now, at (nearly) 50, started my own little TV show for children on social media and I love it. I love that dreams can come true – just in a different way than you expect.

If you could give your younger ‘you’ any bit of advice, what would it be?

Other people’s opinions of you are really non of your business and put all your attention and energy into being the best you can be and doing the things that make your soul sing and your cells dance.

Who are your female inspirations today?

I am so inspired by all my powerful female friends. Each one has an amazing story of transformation or battling through against all odds. I am more inspired by the stories of every day people than the stars. Everyone is a star with an amazing story.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote for women?

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Do you have any advice for young women who want to be writers?

Take a notebook EVERYWHERE. Writing on paper is so much better than typing as you can really connect to the words. Use magazines to make dream boards, mood boards and character boards. Think about your writing wherever you go and be open to inspiration from everywhere. I used to think I could only write at home, in silence. I now prefer popping to a coffee shop for a few hours as I am so inspired by my surroundings. Also, hold the pen of your own life and create an amazing story for yourself.

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Marneta Viegas is founder of Relax Kids – the UK’s leading expert on children’s relaxation. She is author of 9 books and has produced a range of relaxation CDs and has appeared on BBC Dragons’ Den. Marneta has over 30 years’ experience in meditation and relaxation and runs a world wide training program for parents and teachers to help children to relax. She lives in Oxford, UK.

For more information on Marneta and other Relax Kids products visit: www.relaxkids.com



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