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We have two 0.99 eBook offers (may include tax). Now until December 15th.

Books one and two of the Escape from the Past series have a 0.99 eBook offer. 

Escape from the Past

The Duke’s Wrath

Escape From the PastTrying out an experimental computer game, a fifteen-year-old boy unwittingly time-travels to medieval Germany where he must not only survive but figure out a way home.

Escape from the Past: The Duke’s Wrath by Annette Oppenlander is a time travel novel for young adults. The device in this one is a video game. The video game transports Max from the present to 1471. He quickly figures out that this is more than a game, it’s real and he has to find a way to survive. This is a very fast paced book. The author fitted in a lot of story in but none of it ever seemed rush. The descriptions were great, you can really get a feel for the time period and place Escape From The Past was set in. Recommend for teens? Absolutely. ~ Melissa, Jessica and Gracie’s Tree



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Escape from the Past: The Kid (book 2)

Time-traveling gamer, Max, embarks on a harrowing journey through the Wild Escape From the Past The KidWest of 1881, befriending Billy the Kid and living among Warm Springs Apaches.

As an English teacher of 43 years and as a life-long student of the Wild West and Native Americans, I found Annette Oppenlander’s, The Kid, to be an accurate, well-researched and thoroughly entertaining novel for young readers. The portrait of Max, the adventurous and risk-taking protagonist, is spot on;he has the language of young men his age and all the angst, dreams and longings that are hallmarks of a typical 17 year-old adolescent male. Ms. Oppenlander has a keen eye for detail, and her ability to create cliffhanging situations of high suspense makes for a great read. I strongly recommend this novel for any imaginative young reader who likes to have one foot in fantasy and one in reality. Bill Hays, English AP/Honors Teacher, Retired, Bloomington North High School ~ Bill Hays, English AP/Honors Teacher



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And after you have read these two great books, be sure to follow up with book three, just released.

Escape from the Past: At Witches’ End (Book 3)

escape-3When time-traveling gamer, Max, returns to medieval Germany to rescue a friend, he quickly learns that evil forces are eager to hunt him down.

… Gamers and general readers alike will find the Escape from the Past trilogy unputdownable. I sure did, and so did my teen boys. ~ Daniela I. Norris, author of Recognitions

This is the last of the Escape from the Past Novels from Annette Oppenlander and even though it came to a fabulous conclusion, it has still left me wanting more, but that’s just me being greedy. This author has such a fantastic way of describing and bringing alive each character through her skillful use of narrative that it has left me feeling as though I have lost a bunch of friends. I know that this story will stay with me for a good while and for me, that’s the sign of a great book. ~ Debbie – NetGalley Reviewer, Goodreads



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