Reggie & Me – A Story of Survival

Reggie and Me is the first book in the Dani Moore Trilogy. Dani’s story is told through her diary in the wake of her rape and subsequent court case. Having moved with her mum, Dani starts year eleven at a new school, facing various challenges that bring a renewed energy to face whatever is thrown

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Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation

With the Great Mother Tree dying in the Shining Land, eleven-year-old Emma Oliver must sing the Song of Creation before it’s too late. Eleven-year-old Emma doesn’t know that she comes from generations of tree singers, passed from mother to daughter. She doesn’t believe she can sing. Her ailing grandmother has just come to live with

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New for February 2017: The Invisible Hand

Based around Macbeth, The Invisible Hand is first in the Shakespeare´s Moon series, set in a boarding school and focused on different Shakespeare plays. Extract Hello! I´m sending you both the same letter, I hope you don´t mind. Dad, I hope this gets to you and that you´re safe and not caught up in any

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New for January 2017: Tramp Life

Tramp Life: Part 1 of the Pearly James Chronicles By Tony Telford When Pearly James flees her miserable everyday life, she discovers that the real world is anything but ordinary. Extract: I spent that night under a hedge. It was too cold to sleep, so I sat propped up against my rucksack, staring out over

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Seasonal Greetings and Great Adventure Stories!

Seasonal greetings. We have some great adventure stories that will make fabulous gifts and book token buys from both Our Street Books and Lodestone Books.  From Our Street Books Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation With the Great Mother Tree dying in the Shining Land, eleven-year-old Emma Oliver must sing the Song of Creation

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0.99 eBook offer – Escape from the Past 1 & 2

We have two 0.99 eBook offers (may include tax). Now until December 15th. ‪ Books one and two of the Escape from the Past series have a 0.99 eBook offer.  Escape from the Past The Duke’s Wrath Trying out an experimental computer game, a fifteen-year-old boy unwittingly time-travels to medieval Germany where he must not only

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0.99 eBook offer – Lieutenant Hotshot

We have a 0.99 eBook offer (may include tax). Now until September 15th. ‪ “You are in the valley now, Modetse, but one day you’ll come out on the mountain,” is what Mama Zuma tells him, but having been brainwashed by the horror of the Lord’s Resistance Army what chance can Modetse ever have of

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Events & Announcements

Children’s Author Talk in Ilkley

If you’re in or near Ilkley, come along and meet Daniel Ingram-Brown author of Rise of the Shadow Stealers! Hold the head of the King, and try on Mr Bumbler’s hat. Discover more about writing, and compete for the prize for the best question… Saturday 17th October, 6pm Church House, Church Street, Ilkley, LS29 9DS

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Book News

The Last Stop “a real surprise”!

The Last Stop by Michael Burnam is our latest science-fiction story published by Lodestone Books this week. “The Last Stop launches with a mystery that rides on a youthful sense of wonder and curiosity as did J.J. Abrams’ Super 8. The adventure travels into new territory on the power of daring speculation and scientific accuracy

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New Young Adult Fiction for December

Boundary Never try to open the locked doors. Never question what you are told. And never attempt to cross the Boundary. Kept inside an eerie estate for their entire lives, Penny and her five friends have had no contact with the outside world, with their only windows being a handful of books, a sinister master

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