What We’re Afraid To Ask

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HRCoverThe authors behind What We’re Afraid to ask use their knowledge of psychology and biblical theology as a tool to help people recover from abuse.

You can find them sharing insights on their facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/whatwereafraidtoask/ or follow them on Twitter – https://twitter.com/SherriJonAnna

There are three excerpts from What We’re Afraid To Ask on their website http://www.whatwereafraidtoask.com/book-excerpt

Each excerpt starts with a difficult question, illustrating the title in action… “If God is such a powerful and loving God, why does he let innocent, defenseless children be born to or be adopted by abusive parents?” “We anticipate the day our souls—our minds, bodies, emotions—are healed. Can music help to restore us in these areas?” “Many of us have been beaten down so badly that we are constantly fearful. How can we learn to be courageous in this life?” Each question is given more than one answer, offering a choice of insights and ways forward for someone who is struggling

There is also a blog where regular reflections are posted: http://www.whatwereafraidtoask.com/blog/

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