This October: Finding a Way Ahead!

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jhp574841efeaeddAuthor Angela Harper studied Theology at Spurgeon’s College in London. Her chaplaincy roles have involved visiting the infirm in hospital and also working with a supermarket as their Store Chaplain. She personally suffered from a lifelong health condition which was dramatically healed some three years ago. She has been sharing her experiences of healing with others on a one to one, or small group, basis and in the writing of devotional reflections on the subject of healing. These experiences form the basis for her book: Finding a Way Ahead.

Finding a Way Ahead! is a book of devotional reflections. The reflections are intended to help others, showing that it is necessary to look at various aspects of ourselves in any search for divine healing and wholeness.

The notes were originally written for a Time for Healing prayer group; a mix of churchgoers and those who came off the street to join in and who needed someone to talk to, pray with them, and listen.  In accessible easy-to-read sections, Angela Harper encourages others to take heart, and to help them find comfort and guidance and coping strategies. Her aim is to give people tools to help turn around their experiences or to see other perspectives.



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