Reviews for Meeting Evil With Mercy

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jhp56a90621a9d01Meeting Evil with Mercy came out in June 2016, and as been very well received. Quotes from reviews below give a sense of the power and significance of  Philip Pegler’s book, which sets out to be a “bold answer to atrocity”.

“Meeting Evil with Mercy is not only an excellent prescription for the evils of our present world, it may also be read as a ‘How to’ book on how spiritual growth really can and does happen in people of the twenty-first century.” Revd Neil Broadbent , Sozein Trust

“For me, it is both the incredible relevance and urgent summons which mark out this well-crafted book for a wide readership in today’s dark and deeply troubled world, where the perilous forces of evil are only all too evident, no less today than during Martin Israel’s lifetime and frequently and ironically in the name of religion…I cannot commend this book too highly for its challenge and relevance for the church, as well as for the world at large.” ~ Michael Marshall, Assistant Bishop of London

“What a beautiful and sensitive way the author interprets the work of the late Anglican priest, Martin Israel. In this careful study of his life, Philip Pegler offers a compelling and meditative template for our time – and these searing, beautiful and honest meditations anchor the soul to what is real and true… I feel sad that I never met Martin Israel, but I feel deepened by such a skilful rendition of his words.” ~ Stephanie Sorrel, author



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