Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light

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jhp55670bafbe5b1Sharon Casey’s Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light was published in October 2015. Here’s what reviewers have been saying about it…

“An inherently fascinating and inspiring read from beginning to end, “Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light” is an invaluable contribution to the reading lists of those with an interest in metaphysical studies. Writer and poet Sharon Kay Casey brings certain literary excellence to her deeply personal account. Very highly recommended, it should be noted that “Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light” is also available in a Kindle edition.” ~ MBR Bookwatch , Midwest Book Review

“As the pages unfold, Ms. Casey paints a descriptive picture of heaven, including a festive celebration in heaven, amazing spiritual beings of light, structured features of profound symbolic value, and Jesus. In addition to these descriptions, she weaves personal stories of growth. She also references the teachings of Jesus, including the Gospel of Thomas (a favorite of mine) and A Course in Miracles (which I will soon read). Either directly or indirectly, Ms. Casey tackles the central questions of existence, including unity, time, love, and ultimate meaning. When I read her book, I think, “Wow, my life makes sense!” I think others will come to the same conclusions as well, given that Sharon Casey serves humanity as a true ambassador from heaven.” Roy L. Hill, Psy.D. Author of Psychology and the Near-Death Experience, searching for God.



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