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jhp5263e64b477d6Christopher Rodkey, Christian Alternative author and  Pastor of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Dallastown, Pennsylvania made headline news in the Washington Post: “Pastor wishes Muslim neighbors a happy Ramadan. Trump delegate calls him ‘sick.’” You can read the article here.







jhp57485008deb80“What We’re Afraid to Ask: 365 Days of Healing for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse” is now available for preorder on Amazon: Release date is October 28, 2016.










hrcoverJohn Morris had his powerful Remain or Leave article republished at








Daniel G Helton has been blogging about the spiritual descendant of Jesus.

“In “The Secular Gospel of Sophia,” the bishops in attendance at the First Great Ecumenical Council at Nicaea in 325 are described as “these spiritual descendants of the barefoot God” (reference to Jesus). However, in the novel Sophia and her Gnostic mentor Timaeus are also in attendance at the Council. As a Gnostic Christian, Timaeus honored a very different Jesus than the Jesus the orthodox bishops worshiped. It cannot be that both the bishops and Timaeus were “spiritual descendants” of Jesus. One of the unanswered and, I would argue, unanswerable questions inherently posed by the novel is, which group (the bishops or Timaeus and Sophia) are the true spiritual descendants of Jesus?”

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