1000 World Prayers

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4996bdf1c75f0e7160742dfc8e9167b61,000 World Prayers is a very comprehensive selection of prayers from all religions traditions. It is arranged thematically. The anthology has two outstanding features. It draws widely on many of the world’s great religious and spiritual traditions and it focuses on contemporary concerns. There are prayers for times of joy – such as the birth of a child – and times of sadness – such as sexual abuse or sudden bereavement. There are many prayers for the needs of the world, for hungry, for peace, for the environment as well as ones which reflect the Divine Mystery.

John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford, called it “The most helpful and comprehensive anthology of prayers that I have found.”

Author  Marcus Braybrooke has played a significant role in the worldwide interfaith movement for more than forty years, giving him a depth of experience to underpin this collection of prayers. He is President of the World Congress of Faiths, Co-Founder of the Three Faiths Forum and a Peace Councillor. He has travelled widely to share in many interfaith gatherings. He is also the author of over forty books on religion and prayer. He is also a retired clergyman in the Anglican Dorchester-on-Thames Team Ministry. He has a second title, Beacons of Light, published by the Christian Alternative imprint.

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